Water Parks

Water Parks

Serving the entire National and International territory, the Cemi water parks are made, studied and planned as clients required measures and requirements to satisfy each kind of request. For this reason, the technical office of CEMI is composed of high qualified designers with an important creative capacity and they have also years of experience in this sector obtained technical expertise and together they assure an original product and safe solution as a water park should be.

Accompanies the clients from the initial idea to the project management until the water park construction, CEMI defines target and strategy, service and attractions, modifications and improvements to update continually the park characteristics peculiarity of the reference target.


Remarkable importance is dedicated at the scenery element, effectively Cemi is able to study the concept of any waterpark including the thematic scenery. The settings are studied in each single detail to project the person who lives the Cemi pools in different periods and locations.
All the Cemi designed scenery elements designed for the pools interact with the various attractions transforming the water park into a fantastic and adventurous world.

As well as the planning and realization, Cemi occupies and fulfill numerous services as business plan writing, feasibility study, metric calculations, construction side phase development, authorization and testing procedures and much more.


The main element which assigns and gives the appearance and life to the water park are exactly the composing attractions. Cemi is also capable to install each type of water game: from different forms and colored slides, to the wave pools, the rivers and even much more.

Plan examples


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