Special slides

Cemi invented a series of special and extremely innovative attractions for the most extreme water parks. Funnel, Boomerang and Bowls are only a few of the most exciting slides introducing for the ones who love the thrill. They are all characterized by scope and remounting very exciting due to their inclination, velocity and course. Don't underestimate the importance of the graphic aspect, colors and forms make these giants even more captivating inside the harmonious context of the rest of the park.

Funnel slides

They are composed of giant funnel which create enormous oscillation inside where the user with extreme velocity speeds through until arriving at the final splash.

Boomerang slides

The Boomerang slides represents the extreme attraction by excellence in the water park. On board of the rubber boats one speeds on a very large course track which permits the oscillation due to the inclination against the slope until reaching the higher limit of the transition bump at the same high as the starting grid.

Bowl slides

Represents one of the most exciting free-body slide attractions. Starting from a platform which leads the user at the inside of the hydro channel and thanks to the important inside inclination which consents to realize high speed whirl spinning and turnings truly taking your breath away until the arrival in the exhalation transition into a splash down in a deep pool.

Hydro-magnetic slides

Better than the roller coaster: the hydro-magnetic slides take advantage of the water force, creating rising up and downhill without equals: they twist and turnover along the precipitous curves and hills and due to the free course they give each time a new emotion.

Speed slides - capsule

The most incredible thrill is given by the Capsula slide. Entrance in a box with an automatic closing door, the pavement under the feed disappears and drops you into a falling descending which takes your breath away.


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