Wellness centers


The sauna has reached an enormous diffusion and a treatment which offers wellness to the organism because it removes, through the sweat, the skin toxins, increasing the perspiration. The relaxing effect on the muscle and the analgesic activity can be efficient to reduce daily anxiety and stress. Particular suitable also for the professional sports players because it permits a faster recovery and rehabilitation, has a calming effect on the nervous system and improves the peripheral blood flow.

Realized in wood, available in the internal essences: Fir – Nordic pine – Hemlock Also possible to personalize with the essences of internal coverings: Cirmolo pine – Cedar – thermo treated Toulipier


Temperature: 80-100°C

Humidity: 10-30%


Finnish Sauna


Temperature: 50-55°C

Humidity: 5-10%


Infrared Sauna

By infrared treatment happens that the treatment is not noticed. The infrared enters into the skin and increases the body temperature working from the inside but without massive assignment of the liquids typical of the Finnish sauna.


Temperature: 50 – 60 °C

Humidity: 45 - 55%



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