Availability of a wide set of finishing materials, from the PVC liner to the ceramic tile, to mosaic and natural stone. All available in different colors and sizes, single or coordinated together each one to comply with the customer and designers personalization requirements.

Pvc linear

Synthetic product, well known for it’s strenghtness and hygenic, resistant to bacteria growth and it isn’t toxic. Extremely ductility and is used for pool covering with regular and asymmetric forms.


Most used finishing product, ceramic is the covering material for excellence.


Material of excellent elegance, reveals the sophisticated covering, in glass solutions, ceramic or natural stone tiles, evidences a valiant solution for pool with a certain character. 

Natural stone

Material mostly used for the covering of the external surfaces around the pool, in these days it’s more frequently used also for the internal covering as for example a simple line or on the complete surface. 


The Steela line could be attached also different materials as the standard materials; the Technical Office of Cemi will verify the possibility and make a technical proposal  including the most suitable technical solution conform to the clients requests.

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