Specific technological evolution and architectural liberty

Cemi made the Steela proposal on the market because Cemi believes in the technological evolution, Steela is the perfect match between architectural project liberty and the simple and quick construction.

Consultancy All-in-One

The technical and commercial Cemi staff supplies specific consultancy from the project until the realization supplying most suitable solutions conform to the clients request and sustaining technically the project manager and the technical staff of the branch.  From the sales to the technical consultancy, from the construction to the after sales assistance, Cemi goes along with you step by step.

Time controlling, cost reduction and quick installation

Realized in Stainless Steel Steela is a solid, robust and self load bearing construction, the installation velocity is determed by the composition in modular pannels which are installed on site. Quick is the installation and minimum the intervention necessity of construction works. For Example:

- The construction works of internal pools are tied at the ground constitution and at the construction of the perimetrical sole.

- The construction works of the outdoor pools are tied at the excavation constitution, the foundation lay and filling in, the self-bearing construction doesn’t require perimetral walls.

Precision and control during the project phase

The stainless steel construction is designed and verified through consultation by a 3D software model developed with CAD software; in both cases of complex structures due to the form or in case to correspond to very restrictive formal requirements, as for example the competition pools, the Steela structure demonstrates to be technically and tangibly the most appropriate technological solution. 

Aesthethics and lining material quality

The potentiality of the geometry are endless for Steela, as the numerous possibility to combine the lining material which permits to create a thoroughly personalized customized pool.

Durability and reduction maintenance costs

The durability of the Steela structure depends on the construction materials. The stainless steel is a material resistant to the aggressive actions and has in fact a significant resistance to corrosions, is easy to clean and has an excellent hygenic coefficient and the liner materials are guaranteed for at least 20 years. The construction characteristics as for example the self load bearing construction and the earth quake resistance characteristic, the liner laying on the pool floor and walls form one unique membrane. This construction method guarantees the absence of splitting caused by eventually pool leakage and the reduction of periodically maintenance.


The peculiarity of the used materials is also the absolutely complete recycling possibility of the stainless steel and the PVC. 

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