How to create a wellness center?

Subject as delicate as complex: in recent years the wellness market has grown steadily and above all the desire to set up a wellness area in your hotel, farmhouse or resort has become almost a requirement and - in most cases - a real challenge.
The growing demand for equipment dedicated to wellness centers has encouraged the proliferation of "specialized" companies in the design and construction of wellness centers that show off mileage lists of references (scattered all over the world) on their website.
You have to be very careful in choosing the company that will support you in this path and put your attention on what you really want to achieve. If the need is to attract a customer in your hotel rather than another, a prefabricated sauna and turkish bath with a whirlpool spa and four relaxation beds, they are more than enough and you will not even need to invest a lot to get the result "Commercial" desired. If your purpose is to make "well-being", the reasoning is much more complex.
First of all it is essential to start from the design, a good design is a prerequisite for the quality of the work.
Most customers are content to receive a design with the positioning of the various equipment to be able to forward it to various companies and get more offers possible; I can anticipate that, very often, the same design runs for dozens of customers and what you get will not help you. The design of a wellness center requires many hours of study, between the conception and the executive design there are dozens of technical meetings, the details to be taken into account because your center works and, perhaps, can also make you gain, are endless. From the type of wellness to the type of clientele, from ventilation to lighting, from installations to finishes, you will have to be able to agree different technicians, all with their ideas, their requests and their needs.
Once the budget has been determined and the suppliers chosen, the dream of many entrepreneurs begins; Do you really think you have completed your project once it is built and put into operation? Do you think it is enough to have attended some wellness centers, as guests, to be able to start and manage it?
Some small details: qualified personnel and related training - custom material and merchandising - start up, management and management - promotion and marketing. We believe it is not really the case to underestimate this complicated machine that, moreover, consumes tens of kilowatt hours.
The advice that Cemi can give you are many but we can not reveal 45 years of experience in a few minutes and, moreover, in most cases, each project is completely different and personalized.
A technical study grasped on the subject and a company that has really created "some" medium-large wellness center, are the foundation of your success, do not be afraid to contact or visit the advertised references in person, it is an important step, if not fundamental to know and trust the people with whom to collaborate.
BSR Engineering and Cemi - 45th Anniversary - since 1972 with passion.

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