Tailor-made wellness centers
Service from design to construction of wellness centers

Cemi is able with its achievements to amaze, marvel, excite. We know how to propose and advise you during the whole design phase and in the following preparation of your customized wellness centers, proposing unique and prestigious solutions. Cemi designs and implements every type of facility in the field of well-being, from large spas to public health centers and home wellness.

Create sense pleasure

The sauna has now reached a wide spread and is a treatment that gives wellbeing to the body because it eliminates, through sweat, the toxins of the skin, increasing perspiration. Its relaxing effect on the muscles and its pain-relieving action can be effective for reducing anxiety and daily stress. It is particularly suitable for those who play sports because it allows faster recovery, has a sedative effect on the nervous system and improves peripheral circulation.

Snowroom Frigidarium
Solutions for cold treatments

Cemi has treasured some aspects of the Nordic tradition of the snow bath, reinterpreting it to offer the opportunity to touch the snow in an environment adjacent to the sauna. Cooling the body through contact with the snow, after a heat bath, provides numerous benefits to the cardio-circulatory system, as the cooling takes place progressively.

Steam bath
360 ° customizable

The warm heat and the pleasantly aromatized steam envelop the body penetrating into the epidermal tissues acting through the increase of blood circulation indirectly on the internal organs, giving rise to a healing and healing process. Some variations of the steam bath are proposed: from the Calidarium with warmer and slightly humid environment, to the pleasantly aromatised Turkish Bath, to the Hypersaline Bath with its steam enriched with salts, the Herbal Bath with steam enriched ...

Emotional showers
Aroma Water Color

The CEMI wellness showers are wellness solutions that go beyond the simple traditional shower involving all the five senses. The jets of water adjusted for intensity, temperature and duration are accompanied by spectacular atmospheres, scents, sounds and colors to create a moment of relaxation capable of surprising even the most demanding.

Kneipp path
Stimulate your body

Hydrotherapy is based on thermal and mechanical stimuli perceived at the cutaneous level and brought by the nervous system inside the body, stimulating and strengthening the cardiovascular system. The heat calms and softens the body, slowing the activity of the internal organs. The cold, on the contrary, stimulates and invigorates by increasing vascular activity. The alternation of heat and cold, therefore, reduces stress and stimulates the body and mind.

Wellness facilities

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