Snowroom - Frigidarium

Snow Cabin

CEMI made treasure of some aspects from the Nordic snow bath tradition, impersonating to offer the possibility to touch really with hands the snow in an ambience next to the sauna. Cooling down the body through snow contact, after a heat bath generates numerous benefits to the cardio circulatory system, thanks to the progressive way of cooling down.

The snow cabin is built by 2 rooms to each other; first ambience is the acclimatization ambience or stabilization ambience where the temperature is maintained stable on 16 ° C and the second ambience where the snow is generated has a temperature of nearly around 0 °C.

The CEMI snow generating cabins could be personalized with internal coverings and also with accessories equipment, for example the seats.

Ice Fountain

The ice fountains for the body cooling, in the wall mounted version or the ceiling mounted version are very choreographic furniture elements. The ice falls down from the stainless steel supplying nozzle until deposit in the lower container receptacle, coordinating and matching in forms and materials as requested by the clients personal taste or coordinating with the thematic project line. The ice inside the container could be taken out and be rubbed on the body; this action stimulates the skin, reactivates the circulation under the skin, causing a light sensation of formication and tingling. The temperature contrast between ice and body determs a stimulating action on the circulation; at the same time reinforces the cardiovascular system and the immune system.


Contrasting the heat therapy, the immersion in the Frigidarium pool guarantees a refreshing action and strengthens the entire organism. The cold water has an astringent effect on the skin pores and stimulates/ benefits the skin vascularisation. The nervous system is stimulated, the heart beats more quickly acting in a positive way on the blood circulation and the breathing in a general condition of body reinvigaration. Included as completion in a wellness course, the CEMI Frigidarium pool proposal can be completely customized by forms and materials adapting to the requirements in each single project.