Rest & Wellness


After any kind of wellness course undertaken or massage therapy, completed with a short period of relax or sleep, could generate the maximum result on our organism. You lay down or seat down in comfortable lounge beds or benches and you can relax yourself.

Heated Bed

Ergonomic & Customizable

Ergonomic bed, easy to personalize in form and colors, realized in Eps, complete with a heating device which permits the surface heating assuring a pleasant sensation of relax on the entire muscles.

Heated Bench

Bench with or without seatback or chaise lounge realized in Eps are complete with a radiant heating device creating a stable and constant surface heating which consents the body to relax and regenerate. It can be covered with the personalized materials selected by the client (mosaic, ceramic, natural stone etc).

Water Bed

A pleasant floating sensation which permits to relax cradling on a delicate and flowing movement, the body is sustained with proportion avoiding pressure points and facilitates the blood circulation.

Canvas Bed

Ergonomic and comfortable relaxing bed available in different colors and forms which make it fascinating and irresistible to enjoy pleasant moments of relax and tranquility.