Competition pool

From the project to the realization

Research and development of sports facilities

In the sports pool sector, Cemi incorporates all the structures that embrace the sport in water: from swimming to water polo, synchronized swimming to diving, all activities officially approved by FINA. This category also includes all the pools related to these sports such as swimming pools, training and swimming learning.

Thanks to the numerous sports pools created all over the world, Cemi has acquired an experience that allows it to offer numerous services in this area in addition to the construction of the pool. Cemi is able not only to design the competition pools with precision and in compliance with the relevant regulations, but also offers turnkey project financing services, finding, if necessary, also a manager, funding body and constructor of the building structure. For the new large competition plants we offer complete business plans and management consultancy thanks to constant collaboration with the best professionals in the sector. And customized solutions.

The Cemi plants are characterized by high technology and quality. In fact, thanks to the experience gained in the installation of large systems all over the world, Cemi is able to offer the best materials available on the market (with the production of 80% of them) together with innovative solutions for saving consumption and the reduction of maintenance operations.

The constant commitment of the Cemi technical office has also enabled the company to arrive at innovative solutions for the simplification of plant management: from the BRS98 valve (automatic valve for water filtration), to the Multiprogram control unit for automatic management of the disinfection of water up to the Cemi Control System, a monitoring system that allows you to remotely manage the global operation of the plant thanks to a simple and intuitive graphic interface.

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Technological systems

Designed for maximum efficiency

Cemi technological systems stand out for their high technology and quality. Thanks to the gained construction experience of large technological systems worldwide, Cemi is able to offer the best materials present in the market (with a 80% production of the materials) together with innovative solutions for the consumption saving and the reduction of maintenance operations.

Thanks to the constant care of the technical department, Cemi is able to propose innovative solutions to its customers in order to simplify the system management: from the BRS98 automatic valve for the water filtration, to the Multi-program Control Unit for the automatic management of water disinfection until Cemi Control System, supervision system which permits to have a remote control of the entire system thanks to the simple, graphic and intuitive interface.