Safety Air Cushion

The system includes a high pressure compressor with a large capacity air tank which regulates the released air when the diving starts and creates a soften cushion effect at the divers impact moment in the pool. The system is made by series of floor nozzles in the pool situated underneath each spring board and each diving platform in the impact zone, producing mirco-bubbles activated by the coach at the poolside with a hand held remote control system.
The air cushion creates a soften air bag effect and protects the diver: the athlete can be concentrated on the diving dynamic and doesn't need to worry about the water impact moment during the training phase and perfections the technical aspect.
The technological components of this system include a compressor and a high capacity tank, the accumulated air can be released by a remote control through the air nozzles on the pool floor.

Diving Boards and Diving Platform

With the goal to supply most complete pools conform to the requested functions as designed and realized for, Cemi offers all the necessary accessories to complete the functioning. For this reason the diving boards and diving platforms are available in several versions, all conform and respecting the FINA security regulations.