Waterpolo Pool

Design and consultancy in the development of Olympic swimming pools for water polo

Type of water polo swimming pool approved for International competition needs to have a minimum dimension of 33,33 meters x 21 meters or 34,83 meters x 21,00 meters ( with a movable bulkhead width 1,50 meters) and a minimum depth of 2 meters on the entire competition zone. The competition playground zone dimension is 30 x 20 meters for the male water polo discipline and the dimension 25 x20 meters for the female water polo discipline with a minimum depth of 2,00 meters. We advise the installation of a movable bulkhead width 1,50 meters that makes the pool a multi use competition pool and is also conform to the swimming – and rescue discipline, creating a playground dimension of 25,00 x 21,00 meters pool including 8 lanes of 2,5 meters width and two lateral spaces of 0,50 meter.

Waterpolo playground

Water polo playground includes base-line, lateral touch lines, signed lines (flags), play-lines and off side lines, goal lines, goals, penalty area lines and half back lines including anchorages and tightners. Completing with playground accessories and the floating ball bucket with release devise.

Waterpolo referees platform

Colored conform to the FINA approval standards, Cemi can supply the requested referees platforms including access scale for the water polo competition.

Score Board

Control unit with a visual scoreboard for the public with letters and vertical text running and a lightning system can be programmed and can also show animation.