Top Class Luxury Pools

The essence of perfection

The Top Class Pools of Cemi was created to respond to the request of the domestic pools to incorporate completely all the characteristics of the most precious pools. The focus of the Top Class section is made by the elevated personalization possibility regarding the form, dimension and finishing: it’s a pool completely imagined, planned and realized following most particular ideas of the client, on the basis of the clients ideas respecting the technical limit and plant limits but supplying an absolute unique solution of this class product.

Technology & Project

Discover Steela

Everything is possible for Steela: as well as the pool personalization, Steela guarantees high standard of duration and durability, quick installation time and low maintenance index….all this makes a pool unique in this category, a pool which represents a life style. Thousands of solutions where stainless steel and water become one, ceramic and modern technology find a perfect harmony.

A pool with body and soul

A place able to excite

Precious materials for original finishing (ceramic, mosaic, natural stone and much more). Different forms planned by customized measures adapting perfectly into the environment, the home residence, the taste and whishes of everyone. Security and solidity for the structure which provide precision, quick installation, earthquake proof and recycling. The best accessory by not renouncing in any ways at luxury and wellness…