A pool says a lot with regard to the person who bought the pool. It's the expression of a specific personal taste /style which is emphasized by the choose and match of the different elements that compose the product. Contour outlines, lining, side edges and pavement, stairs, lightning, hydrotherapy, diving platforms, showers. For each person a personalized pool.


the PVC liner is directly heat welded on the prefabricated structure, is a crushproof polyester which guarantees a level of absolute water tightness. The liner adapts perfectly in the pool surface, following each curved shape or inclination inside the pool. Excellent protection against solar light, bad weather and against spotting substances, the PVC liner is available in different colors and versions, also with an anti-slip surface.

Side edges and pavements

Cemi proposes a large range of outside edge – and pavement materials for it's own pools. From the natural stone to the reconstructed stones, the pool side edge represents an anti-slip surface, resistant to chlorine, different temperatures, rain and salt.

Stairs and stair steps

In addition to the classic stairs (available in numerous different types) the pool entrance stair is an added value which makes the pool much more comfortable and accommodating. Roman stairs, cubic stair, rectangular or studied on measure could also represent a relaxing point with the positioning of hydro massage nozzles.

Hydro massage

The Cemi pool can be supplied with different hydro massage systems: from the wall mounted nozzle to the nozzle on the entrance stair, even geyser from the pool pavement until hydro massage beds the solutions are innumerable.


Each respected pool has a shower at its side. The shower range that can be coordinated to a private pool is very wide range and varies from the stainless steel , simple and essential, to those definitely sophisticated ones for example the solar light showers, furthermore equipped with an original design, or the teak shower.

Diving platforms

In case the pool depth permits the platform could be a valiant accessory to combine the sport with pleasure. Available in different versions matching with the pool style, Cemi make available a diving platform series with innovative design.


Normally positioned on the pool walls, the led lights are a perfect solution a uniform lightning and have a longer duration compared to the traditional incandescent lights.
In addition to the traditional lightning, Cemi can study specific solutions ad hoc for each pool, proposing lightning on the pool floor, lightning on the pool entrance stairs and even back-lightning the water collection channel.

Upstream swimming

Who likes swimming and wants to take advantage of the pool also for sports training, the upstream swimming system is the perfect system. Generates a strong water flow which is flowing against the athletes swimming direction creating a real trainings pool in the private domestic pool.

Pool heating

For a prolonged pool use, the heating pump represents the perfect solution; the heating pump takes the thermal energy out of the air and transfers it, then, in the water.


The covering is an indispensable accessory. Not only it consents to eliminate the heat dispersion, lowers the energy costs, but it’s also a comfortable and intelligent way of keeping the dirt out of the pool.

  • Isotherm covering:
    Simple and quick to use, the floating isotherm covering lays down on the water surface reducing the thermal dispersion. Represents an advanced and exclusive system to be used uniquely in the summer season.
  • Winter covering:
    Realized with charged carbon material, insensitive to frost and studied to resist long durability against the devastating action of the UV rays, the Cemi winter coverings protects the pool from the algae formation and protects in generally to the dirt during the unused pool period.
  • Rolling shutter covering:
    Automatic covering realized with strong PVC staves with integrated wrapping system inside the pool and therefor invisible, the rolling shutter protects the pool from all the atmospheric effects sustaining a clean pool and in perfect condition to reuse after the winter season; at the same time reducing extraordinarily the evaporation sustaining the maintenance of the water temperature.
  • Telescope covering:
    Permits the pool use during the entire year. With a simple opening system you can enjoy your pool during the summer season and evenso during the colder season.

Pool cleaning robots

For an efficacy and continue pool clearing, Cemi proposes the use of the automatic cleaning robots which guaranty an accurate cleaning, efficient and complete including corners and pool pavement without any expenditure of energy by your side. Small and lightweight easy to handle with, are supplied with cable long enough to extend throughout wherever necessary. For a specific service and fast Cemi he has entrusted BLUTEKNA and CLEARTECNOLOGY maintenance cleaners.