Classic - Underground pools


These days those who choose to have a pool are always more. Different from the past the pool isn't anymore considered a luxury good but now it's seen as a synonymous of physical and spiritual wellness before the economical wellness.
Before pool realization it's good to be informed about the practice, from the bureaucratic procedures to the construction systems, from the technologies to the costs.

Shown below some essential information good to know to be advised and awared when buying your own swimming pool.

- Authorization to require

- More Taxes with a pool?


Authorization to require

In accordance with the law article 1 part 6 from the regulation rev 06 October 2001, regarding the reduction of the bureaucratic time for some kind of construction works, the private construction interventions aren't anymore subordinated to the construction concession of the residence municipality as long as conform to the town planning and the city planning and the hygienic and sanitary rules in force.

One month before construction work starts you need to present the statement of work starting (super Dia)  at the Unique counter of your residence municipality signed by a professional registered at the professional college which guarantees the conformity to the actually city planning law (engineer, architect, surveyor). Enclosed to the super Dia, you need to present the self-certification of the authorized project managers and also a detailed technical report.
In case you don't receive any reply after 20-30 days from your municipality, you can consider the request approved. Sometimes the municipality can require some supplementary documents and in this way the time limit is postponed until 30 days after document receipt.
In case the municipality doesn't concede the construction permission than they need to motivate their decision and the statement needs to be represented including the requested modifications.

In each case it's always usefully to go to the technical office of your residential municipality and verify the effective possibility of pool construction. You need to inform yourself if the ground where your home has been built and where you would like to build your pool is protected by particular environmental or landscape restrictions which could hinder the construction of permanent structures or limit the choose of the position and sometimes even the form and lining color.
As well it's not excluded that even if there aren't particular restrictions the municipality however considers necessarily the release of a construction permission, extending for some months the time for the effective construction start.


More taxes with a pool?

These days the pool isn’t anymore a prerogative of some persons most of all considering that not always the residence with pool is related to the luxury category. Only in case the pool measures more as 80 square meters and the residence corresponds at least at 4 of the following characteristics, the residence could be subject to a cadastral classifications variation including consequently increasing the taxable income of the ICI and Irpef taxes calculation.

  • Useful surface superior to 160 square meters, excluded terraces and balconies, basements, garage
  • Total useful surface including the terraces superior to 65 square meters supplies service to a single urban property.
  • Presence of one or more lifts in each stair, a lifting device or a service lift
  • Presence of a service stair, when not required by the regolaments
  • Main stairs covered with precious finishing material with a high superior to 170 cm
  • Free high of the upper level superior to 3.30 m
  • Home entrance doors of precious wood or characterized by precious decorations
  • Pavements are precious superior to 50% of the total surface
  • Walls superior to 30% of their surface made or finishing with precious materials
  • Ceiling decorated with hand made painted plaster
  • Presence of tennis court with a surface superior to 650 square meters

In case the pool, in addition to the excess of 80 square meters, doesn’t have at least four of the above mentioned requirements, than it’s considered a simple extension of the home residence and consequently it is not subjected to tax additions.

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