Design and construction Fountains
The art of water

Do you need a touch of class?
From the idea to the realization

We work for architectural firms and design firms to embellish the urban space, the public and the private and also internal setting. Our plants are realized with unalterable materials, as the stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper. This assures the reliability and a long lasting life cycle of the fountain. All the plant components are realized in conformity to the most recent electrical security standard. In case of circuits completely submerged we use pumps and lightning with low voltage (12-24-48 V). We are continuously in search of new technologies in condition to guarantee fashion and magnificence in the fountains ambience, the water plays and external lightning. Taking advance of the intern developed and efficient staff and the partnership of important architectural firms, Cemi realizes fountains with remarkable scenic design and emotional impression. Furthermore we accomplish to our clients continuous verifications of the work in progress until the final testing and we train the clients staff for the ordinary maintenance

Project development
A reliable partner

The project development phase is extremely important to verify eventually problems, resolve them and reach the realizing phase of the fountain. Thanks to the technical Cemi office, we are capable to meet all the clients requests, finding the best solution in terms of budget, time and technology. In addition to the project development of the fountain, Cemi is capable to realize rendering static and animated to offer our clients a maximum preview of how the fountain or the water plays will be concretely realized.

The power of reflection

The reflecting stretch of water find important purpose, mainly in the urban decoration, as for example outside real estates. Thanks to the natural reflecting property of the water, this plant typology permits to obtain interesting light effects, enriched with the surrounding panorama landscape with it's natural fashion and allows the use of an enormous outdoor mirror, so capable to "amplify the surroundings visual". It can be adapted to smaller surface arriving until the expansive Reflecting. The peculiarity of the fountains with Reflecting effect is the surface reflecting characteristic, Obtainable also in a few centimeters of water without compromising the treatment and the cleaning. Normally we equip this system typology with water treatment plants and devices to reduce or eliminate eventually mirco-impurities. We reccomend the use of a reducing system by UV rays.

Fountains with Satin
The absence of a tub of water

The essential characteristic of this fountain type is the absence of a water basin on the surface. Very impressive scenic design, adapted to public or private spaces, the level fountains have a double applications function with the possibility to start the plays in programmed periods, without changing the urban space during the system disconnection, maybe during the winter period. The water plays that can be used are the most different and each one will create different scenic effects.
The combination of a dynamic or sequentially technology regarding the movement of jet groups and the possibility to command each single nozzle, make the fountain unique and capable to decorate the urban contest in an original and personalized way.

Dynamic fountains
Water elasticity

The dynamic fountain, distinguished by a flowing and harmonious effect, has intrinsic the characteristic of the sequence. Interacting directly with the principal plant of the fountain, all the devices and software can be programmed to activate the flows, changing each time the starting, switching them off and modify the height. For realization and appreciation of this type of fountain water surfaces of important dimensions are required to prominence truly the scenic effect of the dynamic fountain.

Musical Fountains
Water & Music

The musical fountains have the principal characteristic of the coordination between music and movement. It's about an advanced version of the dynamic fountain which, together with coordination of the sound, reproduces a visual effect unmatched.

Water Walls
Water like a veil

The water walls are adaptable to each space and thanks to the use of high quality material they are certified to long time durability. The impression is a veil of water which flows along a vertical surface realized usually in transparent glass, the backside could be provided the brand, a photo, an artistic object or, even more simple, a widespread lightning.
The scenic plant can be improved furthermore thanks to the use of our underwater lightning with white or color led and additionally with a vaporizing plant which can create a fog effect at the food of the wall and in this way create always new atmospheres, appropriate to each ambience.

Water curtain
We recreate to the rain

The water curtain is characterized by the unique effect capable to recreate perfectly the rain drop falling effect.
It can be used to create divisions between internal and outside ambiences or as a simple decoration completion for a high scenic impact.
These fountains of the static type can be installed on the wall, separated, with independent supporting structure, or implemented in existing structures, allowing a large range of application possibilities. The water curtains with rain effect supply a high visibility of the dynamic water effect. The jets require a constant water level and are builder in casted brass and finely decorated. All the models have an integrated laminated hydraulic collimating system, suitable to supply the liquid in an uniform distribution and a controller with micrometric screws to accentuate the system as desired.

Emotional curtains
The noise of the rain

The rain sound, the drops who touch our skin. All sensations which bring us back to the past, the moments of calmness where our mind and our body enter in harmony with the ambience. Thinking about these sensations that Cemi has developed a fountain model that recreates these emotions, giving the final user the sensation to be surrounded by raindrops, for example inside a hot and relaxing ambience as a SPA. Thanks to the innovative device of colored Led light application there can be recreated ambiences with guaranteed visual and emotional impact.

Jumping Jet
Water like blades

This magnificent and sophisticated fountain type has one laminated jet accompanied by a special mechanism that supplies a very clean water jet, appearing like a crystal cutting the air. A famous variant of this concept consists in having numerous hidden water jets in different positions: the water column springs from one point to another and it's uninterrupted jet adds dynamism and vitality to the surrounding ambience. These water jets presents themselves as uniform and without defects as to render the final result similar to a crystal or a glass blade.
The Jumping Jet fountains can eventually be synchronized to create a scenic effect with high visual impact.

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