Design and Realization of Fountains

The art of water

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Color – a game of emotions

Building a fountain is not just an engineering and technical work.

One of the most important phases of each realization is precisely the design phase. It can also become a real design element that exploits movement and its liquid property to create spectacular effects of shapes and colors. 

Water, the main element of everyday life, shaped and modeled to offer the viewer a unique and unforgettable moment, day after day becomes one of the main choices of urban designers to add a natural context in many centers, always more urbanized.

Today, they are a perfect attraction point to be inserted in the landscape of a campsite, holiday villages, sprayparks and water parks. Behind their charm they hide systems and systems that increase in complexity based on the final result you want to achieve. Modern fountains are real concentrates of technology that range from simple static nozzles to complex programming to make your fountain a dynamic and dancing creation. With the innovation of home automation, it will therefore also be possible to remotely manage all the infinite functions of a fountain. Special programming, water games and differentiated jets are some of the effects that we can offer to entertain your guests, offering an opportunity for play and fun even in small spaces, with the possibility of recovering unused or disused areas.


Architects and interior designers are increasingly introducing water elements such as fountains and water walls into their projects to embellish the surrounding location. Wellness centers, spas, hotels, shopping centers, shops, hospitals, are constantly looking for visual and sensory sensations that they can give to their customers. In addition to being an aesthetic choice, they can contribute to the humidification of dry environments as well as contributing to a better air quality thanks to the removal of atmospheric dust particles.

Moreover at CEMI firmly believe in sustainability. We analyze the project and the context of intervention to immediately highlight the possible critical issues to find the best architectural and technological solutions that allow us to guarantee the functionality and durability of our creations over time. Sensitivity and responsibility are essential to start building a sustainable present, especially when working with a precious resource such as water.