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The word Talassa derives from the Greek Thalassa which means “sea”. Thalasso therapy exploits the beneficial effects of sea water, in particular its salt content, to treat joint and skin diseases. There are many treatments and applications: baths, massages, muds and showers are the best known; the beneficial effects of salt contained in sea water help relieve the symptoms of depressive states, arthropathies, circulatory and respiratory diseases and skin diseases, such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Although its effectiveness is not scientifically proven, thalassotherapy has very distant origins, the Greeks and Romans were already aware of how beneficial the marine climate was for health.

The importance of the preventive study is fundamental and is an essential condition for a good planning.

The request for Thalasso and Spa pools, in recent years, has come back to current events but our experience in the field was born some decades ago, with the design of thermal pools filled with sea water, made for the spas on the Adriatic coast , such as the Terme di Grado, the thermal baths of Portorož, as well as numerous other installations for Hotel Thalasso & Spa.

CEMI Engineering has just completed the executive design of the Sofitel Thalassa Alger Sea & Spa in Algeria, for the Société d’Investissement Hotelière, a facility that is spread over 80,000 square meters, of which 24,000 of the beach. A 5 ***** hotel that will offer multiple services using the benefits of salt water from the Mediterranean Sea.

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The technical characteristics and peculiarities of these salt water treatment plants are technically very demanding, from the system of taking water from the sea, to filtration and disposal, they are bound by regulations and precise technological requirements; for these reasons the design is fundamental, the Engineering department of CEMI will be able to provide you with all the necessary support.

In addition to water treatment plants, CEMI Engineering has specialized in the design of wet areas, particularly required in the latest generation spa and in areas dedicated to the treatment of the body, where technological systems are used for which a high level of professionalism is required…

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