Rehabilitation pools

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HYDRO-KINESITHERAPY: re-educating /rehabilitation activity oriented to the person proceeding continuing after an orthopedic surgery or injuries, suffer of musculoskeletral injuries or are affected by neurological insufficiency. The objective is the functional rehabilitation and to optimize in the best way the physical and motoric resource.

PSYCHOPHISICAL REACTIVATING: activity for those persons who desire to carry out a strong work with the target to keep in shape. Recommended to those who don’t present particular physical problems and want a focused activity.

SOFT PSYCHOPHISICAL REACTIVATING: for those persons who desire to practice a relaxing activity, calm and feeling more flexible during the movements. It’s indicated to persons suffering back problems or other articulations problems.

ACQUANTALGICA: activity recommended to those who have problems and localized pain at the vertebral column. The target is to improve the flexibility and to reinforce the muscles of the vertebral column.

ASSISTED EXCERSIZE IN THE WATER: dedicated to those who in each age have the desire to learn swimming. It’s practiced single with an instructor and the principal objective is to learn the fundamentals of floating and breathing in the water.

ACQUARELAX: manual massage in the water practiced by a therapist applicating a passive mobilization of the articulations and the tissues and in this way the curing process and flexibility of the body are stimulated combined with a somato-emotional relax. Perfect against the tiredness, back- or neck pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pathologies.

VASCULAR EXERCISE IN THE WATER: contrasting hot water and cold water baths with Hydro massage to stimulate the blood circulation of the lower articulation arts.

AQUATIC ACTIVITY FOR PREGNANT AND NEONATALS: motoric activities dedicate to the psychophysics relax of the future mums and their babies, thanks to a educational course they learn the floating and breathing in the water.

Cemi permits realization of the rehabilitation pool with a self load bearing modular structure, having a restrained encumbrance, specifically projected for the therapeutic interest area mostly restricted and problematic : STEELA BALANCE (STEELA).