Upstream swimming

Accessory installed on the wall which permits to improve the blood circulation, the breathing, heart, lung and liver efficacy. On the basis of the treatment, Cemi proposes 3 different equipments: walk swim upstream, swim professional upstream and compact upstream swim.

Elastic hook position

Complete position including 3 stainless steel anchorings located on the pool wall for the activities using the elastic rope.

Under water windows

The patients supervision inside the pool could be made by the assembly of:

  • Watertight porthole on a windowed wall with structure and panels in stainless steel;
  • Underwater video camera system including a TV LCD display.

Therapeutic seat

The structure of the ergonomic seat is realized in stainless steel whereas the seat is in plexiglass (and in high adjustable). Used for those therapy which require the patients immersion until the shoulders level.

Underarm support

Support studied for the water therapy of the lower arts, the underarm support completely realized in stainless steel has been shake to guarantee horizontally versatility and vertically to support the patient adapting to their physique and guaranteeing floating at different levels.


The structure is completely realized in stainless steel, including horizontal mountings disposed on different high to guarantee diversified treatment and patients with different lengths.

Effervescent seat

Composed of a plate realized in stainless steel and positioned on the seat.

Hydro massage

Hydro massage nozzles positioned on the rehabilitation pool side lateral walls and on the vascular courses to obtain in this way the mechanic stimulus necessary for optimal hydrotherapy results.

Air entrance position

Composed of an effervescent bench that can be disassembled and where of the structure is completely realized in stainless steel whereas the seat is realized in PVC staves.

Silky pad mat

It's a plastic foam mat with closed cells, it's positioned on the pool floor, on the stair steps of the pool access or on the upper side. Improves the tactile of vascular pathologies of lower articulation arts.

Vascular course

System composed of n..2 pools, one containing hot water and the other containing cold water. Specific treatment created for medical treatment of vascular pathologies of the lower articulation arts.

Handrails for pool access

Handrails realized in stainless steel with the objective to facilitate pool entrance and to separate the zones in the therapy pools with different high.

Automatic lifting tackle

The lifting tackle for rehabilitation pools includes the seat and foot leg rest automatically balanced including reversable arms and movable base: has different characteristics on the basis of the basement pool construction or outward the constructed pool.

Mobile floor

Through the use of a mobile floor, it's possible to change the pools height and use the pool for different rehabilitation typologies.

Access stairs

Access stair realized in c.a. or in expanded polyester to fulfill inside the pool (PVC liner cover radial with covered PVC steps radial non slip grip). If necessary it's possible realize also an access ramp for disable person with wheelchairs.

Quick emptying

This system is necessarily for pools where incontinence persons are received and where is requested a quick complete emptying of the pool and subsequently the pool needs to be filled with already treated water to be re-used immediately.

Perimeter handrail

Handrails realized in stainless steel positioned on the pool perimeter, used also as a support during the physiotherapy exercise.