Sport Rehabilitation Pools

Swimming pools designed for post-trauma recovery


Recovery of athletic fitness

Sport Rehabilitation pools

The rehabilitation pool for sports use is dedicated to improve the regain of the athlete physical form who needs physiotherapy intervention, who had a trauma during the sports activity, who had an orthopaedic operation or for the slow down process. To guarantee the maximum effectiveness on all the aspects of the sports sector it’s necessary to fulfill carefully a study in partnership with the medical staff and the sports trainer of the dedicated


Hydro Massage

The hydro massage is complete with nozzles, positioned on the lateral pool walls to increase the blood afflux in the muscular zones, facilitating the cell reconstruction and the consequent elimination of the lactic acid.

Kneipp Course

Composed with basins alternate the use of cold water and hot water. The first one creates a revitalizing effect, the second one for the pleasure of a relaxing bath which facilitates the blood afflux. The relaxing capacity of the water prepares the muscle to the treatment, stimulating the effectiveness of the feet muscle massage and the calf muscle massage.

Cooling down pool

Pool completely realized in stainless steel containing water with a temperature of 8-10 °C, for the purpose to process the anti-fatigue and to contrast the consequences of eventual injuries (hematoma, swelling).