Design and construction

Regarding the design and construction of centre with particular characteristics as for example the Thermal centre, CEMI still pays serious attention and considers priority the evaluation of the difficult concerning energy – and economic saving examination the simplicity in management to guarantee however the comfort of the end user. The plants are planned following the current regulations and the accepted peculiarity in the design and construction is the use of technical equipment and components having characteristics and features conform for its specific use. The assistance of automation in these plants, more as in the others, permits to verify the pools filtration management by programming a scheduled timetable and the operation of the valves which manage filtration phases, back wash rinse or discharge. It permits us to manage the functioning of the pumps or blowers and supervision starting and there for also the energy consumption parameters verifying contemporary factors and starting currents. 

Custom spas

Automated customized systems

Technology and control

Keep the plants monitored even remotely

Also, it permits us to execute control on the water parameters guaranteeing the permanent control of values and there for to manage in a controlled way the consumption of substances disinfectant. The construction of automatic plants permits us to manage eventual alarms, preserve eventual archives, but most important is to operate by tele-controlled technology, also on distance offering a service to the clients. This is only a general indication how CEMI projects and realizes this kind of special plants and we offer our long standing experience at complete disposal for each single clients and also for the project architect, giving also tips and specific indication for a planning and realization of that unique and characteristic project with its specifics.

Supply of accessories

The best of your Spa

Inside the thermal Health Spa persons aim to relax and take cafe of their body taking advantage of the peculiarity thermal water. CEMI offers a large scale of accesories to relax specifically studied to be integrated in this kind of context. Hydro massage beds, waterfalls, cervical cascade jet, hydro massage to take care and relax the body and mind.

Thermal Pools Accesories

Hydromassage Beds

Comfortable hydro massage beds at air or water with ergonomic shape to offer maximum relaxing in a floating position in the water and cradling by a releasing massage generated by water or air in a turbine bubble which massage the tissue releasing a relaxed sensation.

Cascade water features

Decorating elements of important impact, real and precisely water curtains which flow out the rock landscapes or from a linear stainless lames, offer real eye-catchers but even so powerfully cervical massages for the clients who approach water massage benefits.

Classic And Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy

Seat positions with lumbar and plantar hydromassage, hydromassage vertically wall positioned and these are only a few examples of the Cemi proposals of this kind of installation: relaxing hydrotherapy sessions can be used with modular air getting the advantage of more powerfull massages and if positioned in the correct position compared to pool conformation and compared to the body conformation, these specific nozzles become rehabilitation therapy, for example ankle, knee and hip.

Dinamic Hydromassage

Created from the need to make the water massage more gentle, complete and most important, dynamic; an innovated technology capable to massage the complete back posture remaining comfortably seated inside the pool thanks to its vertical movement with the peculiarity to decide also in which specific zone the massage could be concentrated.

bubble bath

A complete massage which starts from the feet and massages the entire body under water, the active air bubbles come outside from a nozzle on the pool floor and are concentrated and contained by the circular particular conformation given and released from each single post permits the user to held the lateral grap bars during the entire massage session. There are various proposals on the entire depth of the standing posts, or the seated posts.

cervical water jets

Differentiated water jets; from a water veil to the comb jet to a spike, these are only a few variations examples which Cemi propones as the cervical water jets positioned at the pool side or as a complete Island inside the pool or even more masked in the choreography.

Cross Current Equipment

Course inside the pool shaped in a specific way so it guarantees complete security but it can be frequented by one person at a time, walking in an upstream flow, high capacities nozzle pushes the water towards the person in an opposite way of the walking direction producing a strengthening and toning water stream. Lateral bars guarantee the necessary walking support.

vascular course

Integrate course in the pool or separated from it  which has positioned on the lateral pool side a series of hydro massage nozzles that guarantee the massage on the lower limbs and toning the tissue. In the pool version with a permanent temperature, most of the time the vascular course is an integrated part of the pool, where as separated its proposed also in the cold / warm version. This particularity fact permits in addition to the water movement benefits of the hydro massage, also the vascular constrictor and the dilation of the vascular blood vessels determined by the water temperature difference.