Design and consulting

Technical office the cemi research and development center

The technical office and the research center are the fulcrum of the development of technologies and projects, from the proposal to the client or advice from the designer to the production, from the realization to the delivery of the work. A complete consultation that ranges from commercial and technical-engineering aspects to those of design and choice of materials.

Cemi Technical and Commercial Managers are available to accompany the customer towards a customized and specific solution for what they want to achieve. In the same way, they offer design consultancy to architects and designers, proposing solutions aimed at every project need in relation to economic and technical-plant-related aspects related to the pool. Our technical department is able to support the designer also in compiling estimates and specific technical drawings in synergy, assisting the construction site in the implementation phase by offering its experience to the construction supervision until the completion of the work:

  • Development of a two-dimensional concept – 3D graphics – models
  • Cost analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Architectural design
  • Plant design
  • Elaboration of metric and estimative metric calculations