Slides Water Parks

Components for the construction of slides and water parks

The most common and well-known attraction that can not miss in any water park is represented by free body slides. Colored or transparent, available in any size and shape, can be configured at will with multiple variations. In compliance with safety regulations, Cemi studies every curve, slope, closed canal and breathtaking descent to give new emotions.

Type of slides

Supply of accessories

Accessories for the water park

Photo on the slide

The camera, thanks to a motion sensor, takes the picture when a person slips into the area of interest. By placing a person in a specific area of the slide, you can photograph the person and assign a number to the photograph to entice the user to his purchase.



Thanks to some sensors built into the slide structure, you are able to monitor a person’s descent speed and determine where he is at that precise moment. This results both in increasing the level of safety on the slide and in making the attraction the most interesting slide for the spectators.


The timer motivates users to come down more often from the slide to beat their down time results. Thanks to the sensors hidden at the entrance and exit of the slide, the time is measured in seconds and the score is shown on the display. The display can also display the record of the day and of the record of the month. Moreover it is possible to associate also a photograph taken during the descent


A starting platform that gives the participants the effect of a Formula 1 race? Here she is! Thanks to the countdown, the user will be encouraged to a stimulating and exciting start. After the countdown, there will be a starting signal.


The Start-Stop controller increases the safety on the slide and makes the descents from the slide more tidy. The traffic light regulates the departures with red and green color thanks to the use of motion sensors placed in some modules of the slide and in the arrival of the pool.


The additional polyurethane layer is covered with a laminate coating and is used to isolate the chute externally. This investment mainly leads to the reduction of operating costs, but also offers more interest to the user as for example the “black hole” effect with the possibility of combining some light or sound effects.


This element gives the user the feeling of height and will further increase his enjoyment. It is advisable to place this special piece in the highest position of the slide, so as to combine the fun with a breathtaking view. Note: These transparent elements can only be straight.


Sound effects are a perfect complement to the effects of light. Thanks to the play of light, the sound effects make the significance and importance of the attraction more important. Through this option, depending on the effect you want to achieve and the setting of the attraction, you can get from the soft sounds of the forest and soothing nature to a disco – strobing effect.


The “colored glass” effect is obtained through the formation of profiles and drawings during the production of the slide. The sunlight will be enough to change the dark and gloomy interior of a slide in a colorful aquarium.


This attraction introduces the user to the galactic world and takes him to unknown places. This effect can be achieved by using sunlight. For a more lively effect it is possible to create flashing stars via the LED system.


The LED lights give the possibility to customize the programming of the styles thanks to the manual or automatic control of the lights. With just one click it is possible to change the interior colors of the slide to make unforgettable emotions felt by the users of the attraction. You will never get bored!