Tube Slide

From the project to the realization


the tube slide is one of the most famous and requested slides, sought after by both children and adults. It can be prepared both for free body use and with inflatable boat for the Ø1400 version. The advantages of this slide are many, as its adaptability to any area: it is indeed possible to have different variations of the route, suitable for any type of water park. It can be used by all age groups and it is possible to insert light, sound effects and touch systems.


the tube slide Kamikaze is one of the most extreme and adrenaline attractions. The main feature of this slide is speed, in fact it is reserved only for the most daring. This model is available both free body and with the inflatable boat for the Ø1400 version, to allow a 360 ° fun. Another very interesting feature is the possibility of customization, in fact, thanks to the closed section of the slide, you can insert light and sound effects to turn the Tube Kamikaze into a unique, adrenaline and incomparable experience.


The Turbo Water Slide tests the user’s courage because it guarantees high speed and a large dose of adrenaline. The descent is extremely steep and although the route can also be long, it takes only a few seconds: this is why only the bravest are willing to accept the challenge. The slide is only for those who love competitiveness and adrenaline. Together with the great speed you can associate lighting effects and customizations to make the path more exciting, unforgettable and unrepeatable.

Arrival: Braking – Pool

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