Felisia Centro Welleness

A new luxury resort on the Adriatic coast

A Fitness & Wellness area in the heart of the Gulf of Trieste

Located in the spectacular panorama of the Gulf of Trieste, Falisia recalls the elegant atmosphere of the cruise ships of the 60s, a tribute to the ancient maritime traditions of Trieste. Part of the new luxury complex of Portopiccolo, Falisia is the heart of this resort where you can enjoy an experience of relaxation and well-being in the sophisticated Fitness & Wellness area as well as in the brand new Portopiccolo Spa by Bakel. The hotel boasts a private beach with infinity pool and breathtaking views of the Adriatic, a short distance from Venice airport and not far from Germany, Austria and Slovenia. In a unique location, near the wonderful lagoons of Grado and the Rilke trail, the resort is immersed in the vegetation whose colors change with each season. Let yourself be guided to discover the romantic Adriatic coast.