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Bilibino (Russia)

For those who like the adventure and the extreme experience  knows where’s Chukotka. One of the few parts in the world free of tourism,  incontaminated country of reindeers and nomadic shepherd, the penisula of Chukotka is sited in the north eastern part of Russia, between the Arctic Ocean in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the east, separated from Alaska by the Bering straits. In the city of Bilibino, the major village in the territory after Anadyr, the capital city, which is at a distance of 653 Km, since a long time is programmed the construction of a public pool. This project postponed for several years, has been realized also thanks to the partnership with CEMI, which has exported therefore  the Steela technology also into this distant earthling district, without infrastructures and modern comfort, made of tundra, ice, mountains but also of magical Nordic atmospheres. 

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