Hotel Kurhaus

Cademario (Svizzera)

The prestigious Wellness Hotel Kurhaus Cademario

At 850 meters above sea level, the prestigious Wellness Hotel Kurhaus Cademario officially inaugurated the reopening of the hotel, presenting itself to the public in a completely renewed guise. An important point of prestige is certainly represented by the new wellness center and the indoor and outdoor pools, designed and built entirely by CEMI.
DOT Spa, as the fulcrum of the structure is called and constitutes the center around which everything develops. DOT means point: a fixed point centered on people. In fact, the hotel boasts a Thalasso pool that exploits the beneficial effects of salt water, to treat joint and skin diseases. An in-out recreational pool for moments of leisure and relaxation and an outdoor sports pool, in addition to the beautiful and ultra-modern SPA with saunas, turkish bath, hypersaline bath and emotional paths.