Sistiana Bay, Trieste, Italia

Another note of prestige for Cemi that is continuing with perseverance and dedication to work at the impressive Portopiccolo shipyard in Sistiana (TS). The swimming pools built in the beautiful village of the Sistiana Bay are in fact being completed, where Cemi is occupying itself, as well as the numerous pools, including the home spas of the most luxurious villas overlooking the Gulf of Trieste. Portopiccolo is not only a residential complex but has been conceived as a real seaside village, in a fascinating synthesis of architecture combined with cutting-edge technology, services and eco-sustainability. In Portopiccolo there is no traffic, smog, noise, but you can get home by car. Thanks to a system of underground parking you can park in your own box and access directly to your residence. A unique and exclusive destination not only for living but also for the pleasure of the context of boutiques, SPA and restaurants. Three areas of the resort, three types of houses, for each of three different styles able to satisfy every desire.