BRS Valve

Selector valve for swimming pools and large systems

Automatic valve, created, produced and supplied by Cemi for the water filtration. The BRS98,  special 5 ways valve, built in bronze /alloy casting GSS with Aisi 316 stem and throttle butterfly valve in neoprene rubber, permits an automatic management of the different phases guaranteeing security and precision in each procedure. 

Controlled by a motorized actuator and studied specifically for the filtration plants allowing the performance filtration procedures, backwashing, draining and rinsing.

Management of the different phases takes place with use o fan electronic control unit, which can be programmed and permits to program the during of the backwashing; the back wash command considers the possibility to proceed with only disactivated pumps and in the meanwhile the endstroke-valves assure the correct management of the phases.

There are two functioning possibilities: functioning by “telegestion modality” ; the during of the backwashing is determined by a telegestion device and therefore can be modified from remote or can be programmed depending on necessities; “normal” working: starting of the backwash procedure is made by a contact (manual release or automatic release, depends on the timer type)  deriving from the electric control panel and the during of the backwash is determined by a dip-switch programmed on the adaptor card. In the end, an alarm system blocks the plants pump in case of irregularity. Included control lights that indicates the state.