Structures in E.P.S.

Unlimited customizations

Technique for the realization of completely customized systems

Thanks to many years of experience in the swimming pool sector and in the wellness sector, Cemi has also been able to take up this challenge. Creating pools and wellness cabins made of EPS. It has acquired the machinery for cutting polystyrene to be able to produce custom-made products, from the simplest to the most complex structures. Thanks to these devices, the polystyrene cutting is carried out by a hot wire that moves on the x-y plane, driven by high-precision motors, programmed by a numerical control system. Infinite forms can be modeled: the idea, the architectural design, the cut lists, the assembly and the finished work. An added value that we can offer to our customers, from the private client to the most demanding designer.

Examples of use of structures in E.P.S.