Modular pools in steel

The future of the pool world

Simply evolved, Steela senses the future overcoming the boundaries between aesthetics and rationality. Highly sensitive, it is much more than a technology defining new spaces, new construction methods and new materials. Like steel, PVC and mosaic. Unusual elements of a non-ordinary philosophy. Naturally complex, Steela is much more than a formula or structure.

Steela was created as an exclusive patent for Cemi Piscine to meet the ever-changing needs of the market, combining innovative technology and refined aesthetics. Develop free and complex forms or simple and minimal forms; this is the design freedom that the Steela Technology allows to perform, with the advantage of rapidity and precision of execution linked to the prefabricated system.

Modular steel panels and buttresses give stability to the structure making it self-supporting. The system, covered with a heat-sealed PVC tarpaulin on the bottom and walls, ensures the seal, while the versatility of the upper edge allows multiple aesthetic solutions.

From the development of the project to the choice of materials, from production to execution, Cemi Piscine follows and accompanies you to guarantee the highest quality and professionalism of Made in Italy.

Steela is a synthesis of speed of execution, versatility and adaptability to any context and project, Steela is design freedom in shapes and aesthetic solutions, Steela is the technological system able to meet the needs of the best designers.

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Elasticity without compromise

It goes beyond time, flowing perfectly in every space, thanks to its many variations. Balance, Emotion, Active, Renew, Liberty, Sparkle. In interior / exterior design. In public / private environments. In skimmer / infinity version, mosaic / ceramic. Transformable and malleable, a technology that draws fluid geometries sensing rationally the strength and shape of water.

Steel revolution in the pool

Self-supporting structures

Those who choose Steela, recognize the difference between Inox and reinforced concrete. Like speed and construction precision thanks to the structural modularity.
The superiority of durability and resistance in aggressive environments. No need for inspection corridor in case of leaks. The zeroing of maintenance costs (excluding any change of the PVC sheet every 20 years or so). The absence of cracks and leaks thanks to the elastic, self-supporting and anti-seismic structure. 30% less in construction costs. No revision of prices during construction. The ease of reuse and dismantling of the structures. The absolute recyclability of stainless steel and PVC. Energy savings of 20% in the construction of a semi-Olympic Steela pool compared to the type of reinforced concrete and tiles.

Freedom of imagination

Stainless, durable, flexible

The encounter between water and steel, generates the hi-tech water technology signed by Cemi. A construction system that stands out for technical and creative solutions. Steela is perfect both for private homes and public facilities offering a number of truly competitive advantages. Fast to install, easy to assemble and maintain. Customization of shapes and sizes. Option to ugrade pool edge with ceramics.