Salt Thermal

Portorose (Slovenia)

Let yourself be enchanted by the international wellness scene

Ones again CEMI is the protagonist in the International Wellness review. In fact the pools of the Salt Thermal at Portorose in Slovenia are rigorously Steela. Settled in a suggestive contest where nature and culture are preserved in a harmonious fusion, it represents an example of eco friendly tourism. Flora and fauna with uncommon beauty have been protected for centuries in this paradise where the human work with nature completes. Particular attention has been made during the material selection. The Steela choose for pools means all along recognizing the difference between stainless steel and reinforced concrete, which declines in  construction speed and precision, high durability and resistance in aggressive ambience as the salt one , absolutely recycling, energy saving, easy to re- use and structure disassembly, in addition to the undeniable economic convenience.